Financial & Insurance


It is our goal to provide you and your family with high quality orthodontic treatment at a pre-established fee with a variety of in office payment plans. The fee is established relative to treatment difficulty, appliances utilized and treatment time.  Prior to initiating care, the payment option best suited for your budget can be chosen. We accept cash, checks, Visa and MasterCard  with the option of automatic credit and debit card payments.


If your insurance covers orthodontic treatment, you will receive the benefit of reduced personal cost. Our office is committed to helping you maximize your insurance benefits.

We will inquire about your coverage and will complete all required communications to generate the maximum benefit. While you are ultimately responsible for the total fee, if the carrier will assign the benefits to my offfice, in most cases, we will schedule your anticipated portion of the fee into a payment plan to be fulfilled during the course of treatment. Appropriate filings will be accomplished with your carrier to generate their portion of the fee.

To insure maximum benefit, the policy should remain in effect for the entire treatment time or until the total payments have been received. If during the course of treatment, your benefits change, the financially responsible party is accountable for all balances.